FU Subscription Scaling Strategy

It's Time to Scale and

Increase Subscribers

Deepen customer connections, foster loyalty, increase subscriptions.

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People lie


Unlock your Business's Potential:

Increase Subscribers

Drive Growth

Informed Decision Making:

Leverage Data


Get your own fully personalised live data dashboard, stay in the loop anytime, anywhere. If you want a specific metric, different colours, different/more graphs, all you have to do is ask.
Full Funnel Approach:

From Strangers to


We're all about the end-to-end customer experience. We're not just talking about getting customers in the door - we're talking about keeping them coming back for more. From the moment they hear about you to the moment they become a loyal customer, we'll help you create a journey that's smooth, delightful, and leads to conversions.
FU Subscription Scaling Strategy


By 90-100% in 90 Days

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WTF is the

FU Scaling Strategy?

No, we're not using vulgar language towards you. The Full Funnel Subscription Scaling Strategy is a well-crafted plan designed by GenX with the sole purpose of increasing your health and wellness subscribers and online PT clients. If you're in the health and wellness industry and sell subscriptions, we have the foolproof strategy to help you scale.

Includes Every

Delivery Vehicle

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will ensure that each service delivery operates as a cohesive unit, working towards a common goal. The goal of our FU strategy is not only to increase your subscribers, but to provide such exceptional nurturing that they will never consider leaving.

Everyone Loves

Free Sh*t

Efficiency is the key to success. That's why we're always looking for ways to automate and streamline processes. As part of our full suite of marketing services, we'll conduct a comprehensive audit of your current operating systems and processes. Our team will then recommend changes to optimize your workflow and maximize productivity. And if you give us the green light, we'll even implement those changes for you. Let us help you work smarter, not harder.

The Guarantee of


Let's establish a goal for the next 6 months, document it, and follow the FU Scaling Strategy. If we don't meet your goal within the 6-month timeframe, you are entitled to a full refund and we'll part ways. no hard feelings and no strings attached.

Full Stack

Services included in the FU Scaling Strategy

Why Choose Us?

Let's compare why going with a Growth Partner greatly differs from traditional agencies.
Free Audit before we take your money
Hands off approach on your side
We give you a live data dashboard
Goal orientated holistic solution
Continuously trying to ↑ your value
Nurturing leads post sale
Other Agencies
Overdelivering & underachieving
Still need to be told what to do instead of guiding you
Hidden results
Provide services with no end goal
We provide a service that's it
After the lead signs up our job is done

Case Study

Not sure if our strategy works?

About the Brand:

Laser Lab is a beauty & aesthetics salon specialising in laser hair removal, skincare & nails.They have 3 clinics all located in the Western Cape & are known for their work on some of South Africa’s biggest influencers.


$1 242
Total Spend

$71 687
Total Return

Return on Ad Spend

About the Brand:

Simply Granola, a company that recently began producing granola for one of the largest retails in South Africa, is best known for their high protein granola. The brand places a strong emphasis on production quality, which aligns with their advocacy of a high-quality life.


Increase in Sales

Return on Ad Spend

Increase in revenue

About the Brand:

SleekGeek is a revolutionary info-product brand, on a mission to transform the lives of 1 million people using the power of healthy habits and community support.​We were briefed to restructure and manage all their paid social across Facebook & Instagram, whilst also providing creative support.


$22 314
Total Spend

$82 772
Total Return

Return on Ad Spend

Increase in Sign ups

About the Brand:

Uleen’s an info-product client of ours and a lifestyle coach who brings a balanced approach to the health and wellness space. She’s completely taking the industry by storm with a sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle.


Total Spend

Total Return

Return on Ad Spend

Subscribers month-on-month

What our
Clients have to say.

"The team at GenX impressed me from day 1 with their client acquisition process. We outsourced our Facebook paid marketing to them and have not regretted it. Our sales have increased and they have been a pleasure to work with.”

Elan Lohman


"I've loved working with Gen-X, from the get go I could trust the team to deliver a high-end service They are a brand that is always transparent and encourages great communication to achieve the best quality marketing!"

Uleen Fourie


"the GenX team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. i always thought getting an agency onboard was going to be a vast amount work and admin and they've made that integration absolutely seamless. i love that i don't have to be involved in the nitty gritty and that the team executes with minimal involvement from my side. as for the results, well they speak for themselves. if you've been on the fence around getting an ad agency on board - i can definitely recommend genX!"

Nicola Kok


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