Digital Strategy Alignment.


Companies in this day and age don't have the luxury to dabble in different social media platforms, or create and post content or send emails in the hopes that it will lead to engagement and sales. Companies that excell are the ones that have a clearly defined strategy in place, one that allows them to stay on track and understand what the next steps are when certain milestones are hit.

Working Process


Define Business Goals

Before we get started it's important we have a clear understanding of your businesses goals and brand story to ensure congruency at every customer touchpoint. We then use this to do a full audit of your current digital marketing presence. 


Audeince Research

No process is completed without this step. In order for us to ensure that customers interact with your content and purchase your product/service, we need to understand their likes, dislikes, values, online movements and purchasing behaviour. 


Key Channel research

We don't beleive that every brand needs to be on every social platform. By focusing our efforts on the most valuable platforms we will be able to not only perfect the messaging but we will also be able to test at a more efficient rate.


Monitor, Analyse, Adjust

The beauty of the digital space is the amount of data it provides. This allows us to accurately adjust content based on benchmark KPI's we would have discussed in step1.

Companies that incorporate a Digital Strategy that aligns with their organizational efforts understand the importance of correctly integrating Digital with Traditional. It has to be done in a way so that it supports the other departments of the business, by doing this companies are able to enjoy the benefits it brings:

  • Understanding their company better. 

  • Can reach their audience wherever they are.

  • Discovering digital differentiation. 

  • Ability to instantly track ROI.

  • Everyone will understand the shared vision of the company