eCommerce Development.

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An optimized User Interface is the secret sauce behind any successful eCommerce site. The architectural design of your site needs to be carefully constructed to maximize sales and to optimize consumer engagement, click-through and brand loyalty.

Working Process


Platform & Brand Planning

First, we approach the process by taking a step back, looking at your overall business model, industry, and the specific ideas you’d like to see in the end result. We work with Shopify CMS to empower you to manage your own content & inventory in-house.



Time to put all the planning into action, your potential customers need to immediately see who you are and what you have on offer. They need to know that they can trust the security of your site if you deal in online financial transactions or basic things like how to contact you. Above all, they need a clear conversion path so that your site is making money for your business.


CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

Even though we have this as step 3, it's truly a never-ending process. We've yet to come across an eCommerce website with a 100% CR so there's always work to be done. In this step, we add in all the apps & plugins that will make your customer's path-to-conversion as seamless as possible.


Stress-Test & Final Optimizations

In this final phase, we ensure that your website will run smoothly without the threat of bugs or crashes. We do this by running various tests like Browser Testing, Broken-Link Testing, Speed Tests & even going as far as a Readability Test to make sure there aren't any silly grammatical errors.

Your business's eCommerce website is your 24-hour salesman, closing deals on your behalf without needing a break, sleep, or sick leave. The user experience is everything. 

How will we meet your vital e-commerce needs and provide you with the right solution?

  • Increase eCommerce Search Usability

  • Website Content that aligns with the brand's messaging.

  • Shopping Cart Functionality

  • Lead Magnet to aid in building an email list.

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Conversion-Rate-Optimization via apps & pluggins