Email Marketing.

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Possibly one of the more underrated forms of marketing but most effective in terms of ROI. Creating compelling email marketing campaigns under a deadline requires a balance of strategy and execution. Striking that sweet spot requires a lot of testing and working with a team like ours who's already ran endless amounts of tests across multiple brands, could benefit you immensely. A good Full-Funnel email marketing strategy could typically add between 15 - 20% to an eCommerce brands Top-Line.  

Working Process


Research and Planning

An effective email is a relevant email. Like everything else in marketing, we start with your customer avatar, understanding what they want, and tailor the email campaign to the audience’s needs. It's also importance to outline goals/targets. 


Campaign Set-Up, Test/Launch 

This where everything gets going, starting from setting up your lead magnet & creating enticing opt-in forms, all the way down to setting up all the relevant email flows and ensuring that you're GDPR compliant.


Analyse and Adjust

Many factors impact our KPIs, and it’s going to take some experimentation and testing to figure out which tweaks to your emails will yield that biggest changes. Once we've gotten A/B Test data, it's time to make optimisations based on the KPI's we set in the beginning. 

Sending an email or two is easy. But a long-term email strategy that grows your business requires an intentional approach using email marketing best practices. From the right tactic to get new subscribers on your list to the best ways to let readers unsubscribe, the world of email marketing has rules worth learning:

  • Personalization is Key

  • Encourage Your Readers to Reply

  • Don’t Mislead Your Customers

  • Store Consent Information

  • Send Test Emails Before Distributing to Your Email List

  • Keep Track of Your Data