Social Media Management.

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Social Media Management is a lot more than just posting photos and engaging with comments here and there. Social Media is now the forefront of your brand identity, it's the first place people will see you (most likely), which means first impressions and content that displays your brands values are vital.

Working Process


Research and Planning

You'll notice a pattern here, stage one is most of the time the 'research phase', and here is no different. During this phase our main focus is on finding out what content your audience engages with the most, the best types of posts etc. 


Social Media Calander 

A social media calander is then put together by one of our social media managers, which will be sent to you for approval. 


Content Creation and Posting

Post content based off of the social media Calander, engage with comments, and monitor track engagement. .


Analyse and Adjust

During this phase we analyse our metrics and make the necessary changes. 

Brands aren't seen as brands anymore but rather as identities, and in order to keep your brands identity inligned with your goals and your customers values, you need to ensure that you have the following in place:

  • A Scoial Media strategy that aligns with your goals. 

  • Content that speaks to your audience. 

  • Engaging content. 

  • Constantly engaging with your audience.

  • Social Media Strategy