5.7x ROAS on Sustainable Tech Brand

*Private Client*

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ROAS on Facebook & Instagram



ROAS on Google



Increase in Facebook ROAS

The Client.

This brand approached us to take over their Paid Social campaigns as they were doing it in-house but needed a team to help them scale.

They were consistently achieving between a 2x / 3x ROAS on Facebook but experienced difficulties scaling as the ROAS kept decreasing when they increased budgets. 

Client Goal: Scaling up PPC budget while maintaining a ROAS above 3x

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How we Helped.

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This client was a relatively easy one for the team to kick-start as they had an in-house creative team that we worked closely with.

Diving into their ad account, one red flag that we immediately noticed was that they were spending the same amount on customer acquisition as they were on retargeting which is certainly not ideal. 


So we overhauled their entire ad account to suit our funnel approach. They were extremely nervous when they saw our ROAS after the first few days as we were in the red. That of course changed as we exited the learning phase and made optimizations.

After month one, we decided to phase into Google Ads due to the nature of their products & the niche they're in. Safe to say the rest is history.

Whilst working with them we have:

     Spent $66, 695.72 & Generated $380,165.60 on Facebook


     Spent $44, 277.15 & Generated $212,530.32 on Google Ads

     Average of 5.7x ROAS 

What the client has to say.

“Such a pleasant experience working with the GenX team, they understood our vision & what we were trying to achieve from the start. We're truly delighted with the results they've generated for us and the ideas they continuously bring to the table."

*Private Client* - CMO

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